What Makes You Click with Kelvin Bulluck

Michael Tighe

April 02, 2021 Michael Tighe Season 1 Episode 13
What Makes You Click with Kelvin Bulluck
Michael Tighe
Show Notes

Trigger warning: This episode does include discussion on sexual abuse and drug addiction.

On this episode of What Makes You Click, Kelvin welcomes Michael Tighe, a portrait photographer and actor based in Los Angeles. Listen in as he tells the story of his quick rise to success, his coming back to photography after recovering from drug addiction, and his transition into acting.

Michael shares how he learned the basics of developing photographs at a young age, sparking a curiosity that has lasted his whole life. He details why he decided to leave the School of Visual Arts, what drove him to make a living as a photographer, and his experience studying with Philippe Halsman, Richard Avedon, and Arnold Newman. Michael describes how he developed his own unique style as a photographer and how he got connected with celebrities, like Andy Warhol, to photograph them, sharing jaw-dropping stories of being a young, talented artist in a sea of ego-driven fame. 

Tune in to gain insight into Michael’s experience overcoming drug addiction and homelessness, relapsing, and what caused him to stop doing photography for a living. Plus, he talks about his recent experimentation with acting, why he has become an actor later in life, and the status of his one-man show.

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