Cover IV Podcast

Week 6 - "Games of the Week" with Roger Neel

October 12, 2022 "Coach" Smith Season 3 Episode 9
Cover IV Podcast
Week 6 - "Games of the Week" with Roger Neel
Show Notes

In this episode, Roger Neel and I preview the "Games of the Week" for Week 6 of the 2022 Section IV Football Season.

This podcast was established to maximize your Section IV Football experience, regardless of your role, past or present. The goal, with your help, was to maintain a family-friendly, informative, entertaining weekly podcast with an occasional dose of appropriate humor.

This podcast takes you beyond the microphone, with in-depth analysis and insight, bringing all resources together for your benefit. This podcast complement those who cover, report, support and enjoy Section IV Football.

Thank you Everyone Section IV Football.

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