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Martinka Consulting's Getting the Deal Done Podcast

John & Jessica Martinka

Informative insights and conversations with owners, CEOs, M&A dealmakers, and other professionals on lessons learned, tips, current business conditions, and more.
Buying or Selling a Business is Not Like Buying or Selling a CarAugust 01, 2022 Episode artwork Tips for Business Buyers and Sellers from Richard ParkerJune 06, 2022 Episode artwork Oops! Your Acqusition Just Closed (And You Don't Have a Transition Plan)May 31, 2022 Episode artwork The Easy Button RevisitedMay 16, 2022 Episode artwork Don't Add Day-to-Day Value; Create Long-Term ValueMay 09, 2022 Episode artwork Three Simple Business LessonsMay 02, 2022 Episode artwork Being Organized Makes Selling (and Buying) a Business Much EasierApril 04, 2022 Episode artwork Business Buyers - Buyer Fever Will Kill YouMarch 29, 2022 Episode artwork It's Just Small Business AccountingMarch 22, 2022 Episode artwork The Importance of the Balance Sheet March 15, 2022 Episode artwork 5 Things a Seller Should Want From a BuyerMarch 08, 2022 Episode artwork Founder's Syndrome Can Kill YouMarch 08, 2022 Episode artwork Raising Equity for a Business Acquisition with Jordan Carter of Search Investment GroupFebruary 01, 2022 Episode artwork Lisa Forrest with Live Oak Bank on Business Acquisition Loans (of All Types)January 26, 2022 Episode artwork George Wu on Business Buying and Investing in Small CompaniesJanuary 10, 2022 Episode artwork Radio Show Interview with Lisa Downs on Business Buying and OwnershipJanuary 06, 2022 Episode artwork Robbie Bach on Entrepreneurship, Writing a Novel, and Tips When Buying and Growing a BusinessDecember 02, 2021 Episode artwork Reps & Warranties in a Buy-Sell Deal - A Non-Legal ExplanationNovember 29, 2021 Episode artwork Business Buyers Must Play the Whole MarketNovember 29, 2021 Episode artwork Working Capital in a Buy-Sell DealNovember 29, 2021 Episode artwork Business buy-sell "facts/musts" - 10 for buyers and 10 for sellersNovember 11, 2021 Episode artwork Steve Ressler on Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition & InvestingOctober 05, 2021 Episode artwork Sam Rosati - Business Buyer and Investor with Tips on Successful AcquisitionsSeptember 21, 2021 Episode artwork Business Buyers - Being Qualified is Not EnoughSeptember 17, 2021 Episode artwork Due Diligence 2021 - What's New and What's NotSeptember 14, 2021 Episode artwork