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Take a break from the hard news, tough talk and firm opinions of Monday through Friday talk radio with this entertaining weekend show. Maybe you'll try something new, learn about the next best seller, download the latest app to the phone, learn a new word maybe or just have a good belly laugh. RockStar with Billy Gerard built to get the most out the two days we call “the weekend” before it all starts again.Billy Gerard and his team spend countless hours scouring the media landscape for the newest, funniest, and the coolest to bring to listeners. Guest and content are curated, and the best are presented in a light fun format that is sure entertain and leave you wanting more. Never offensive, always entertaining, informative and insightful usually very funny.  Guests include everyone interesting.  Stars from the stage and screen.  Business and thought leaders, musical stars, comics, singers, dancers, produces and writers' names you know as well as new up and coming artists that you will want to get to know.  Business leaders, entrepreneurs, the hottest new games, apps and even gift ideas too. Doctors and professionals join Billy and offer rare genuine insights just not heard or seen anywhere else.  RockStar with Billy Gerard, just too good to be FREE!

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RockStar Tribute and Salute to Gen Colin PowellOctober 22, 2021 Episode artwork Salute to General Powell - A History of Halloween - Get Going! And Maybe a flat Gut too with Doug Setter - Christmas items you to by NOW - Jeff Borker with Celebrity Whisky - The OG Jersey Girl Marie Ruffolo and so much more! October 21, 2021 Episode artwork New Coke - Jim Beam - the COVID 19lbs and what to do about it - CBD it's all the rage but what is right for you? - Miss Drew - The OG Jersey Girl Marie Ruffolo and so much more on RockStar Radio with Billy GerardOctober 15, 2021 Episode artwork Bullying Prevention Month - Expert and author Joanna Quinn joins with what you do - How Happy are You? The OG Jersey Girl Marie Ruffolo with the Keys to Happiness and so much more on RockStar Radio with Billy Gerard - October 07, 2021 Episode artwork Airline Pilots Secret Language Uncovered - Mindfulness Coach J. 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Borker with Jack - The songs that mark summers end - all that anSeptember 02, 2021 Episode artwork Laura Linn Knight - Keeping the home "Sane" as we head back to school - Positive Prophetic Words from returning guest Tris Legacy - Corn Whisky (not moonshine) with Jeff Borker - A new Girl Scout Cookie and more on RockStar Radio with Billy Gerard August 26, 2021 Episode artwork How do you get to Carnegie Hall - Jason Nadal will be in to talk about his new program Casters - Madonna has a Birthday do you know how many kids she has? - A Puppy found in a LIVING ROOM? The OG Jersey Girl with that - Miss Drew - Booze education and morAugust 20, 2021 Episode artwork Do you need a Relationship Contract? - Expert Kelly Smith tells All - Have you seen a hero today? - Texas Radio host Riley Davison is along to share some of the hero's he's talked to - How Small is the smallest horse? You might be surprised... All that August 13, 2021 Episode artwork 9-11-01 - Where were you? 12th Sergeant Major of the Army, Jack L. Tilley remembers where he was and it's quite a story - Automatic writing have you heard of it or about it? Tris Legacy joins us with his story and writing and nearly 40 search for meaninAugust 06, 2021 Episode artwork Former President Trump Back in Office BEFORE 2024? - Bruce Scali Founder of Voice of We The People Thinks it's a Possibility - The OG Jersey Girl Marie Ruffolo with Tips for Voice Health - Miss Drew with Crazy Hard Words - Jeff Borker has the Great PappyJuly 30, 2021 Episode artwork Why is it SO Hard to Stop Drinking SO MUCH? - We'll Talk About That - Do You Know What VAR Is? - A Pet Segment to Warm or Cool as The Case May Be Your Heart - Summer Songs Bumper Music - Miss Drew - Jeff Borker expands our Taste with Bourbon - Marie RuffoJuly 23, 2021 Episode artwork The US and China have a Battleground - Are you going on Vacation this Summer? What to do with the house - The very funny Barking at the Moon author Tracy Beckerman is by as well as Jeff Borker - Miss Drew - The OG Jersey Girl and so Much More on RockStarJuly 16, 2021 Episode artwork President Trump Back in the News - Summer Romance Ideas - I've seen Dead People a Coroner's Story - Charming Pet Update - Eating your Whisky - Miss Drew & So Much More on RockStar with Billy GerardJuly 09, 2021 Episode artwork Independence Weekend Special Broadcast - No Damn Excuse Darlus Bradley - Special Tribute to America Program Close - Fat Albert is Free - Touching Pet Stories and So Much More on RockStar Radio with Billy GerardJuly 01, 2021 Episode artwork Independence Day - Special Broadcast - Kaboom town USA - July 4th Ideas - Expanded News Digest and Much More On RockStar Radio with Billy GerardJune 24, 2021 Episode artwork Father's Day - Pride Month - Great Gift Ideas - Sailing the Globe - A Pig is Born in WV - Whiskey with the Family - A Word Billy Finally Knows all that Much More on RockStar Radio with Billy GerardJune 17, 2021 Episode artwork A Historic RockStar with Billy Gerard we have Gary Revel back by popular demand what really happed to MLK? Do you know? Was the assassination of MLK connected to the assassination of JFK? What Gary has to say may change what you think you know. Plus thJune 10, 2021 Episode artwork What Really Happen to MLK Jr on April 4, 1968? - Do you know where the Declaration of Independence was signed? You'll be surprised - Sex Myths debunked! Why? - Boker with Booze & Coffee The OG Jersey Girl and Miss Drew too all that and more on RockStarJune 03, 2021 Episode artwork Are you Ready for Summer? - Our Memorial Day Weekend Program - Do you know which videos come with WARNING LABELS? you might be shocked - What is going on in the housing markets, how can the regular people buy homes today? - With Swimsuit Season not far yMay 28, 2021 Episode artwork Get Naked On the Radio - Or in the Woods of Japan - Was Columbus really Italian? DNA will soon tell - Touching horse story - More flavored booze with Jeff Borker and the Classic Dram - 21 States Choose to opt out of extending Federal Unemployment - All thMay 20, 2021 Episode artwork