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Co-creating Peace Episode #87 – “Conflict and Your Soul’s Journey”

September 26, 2022 Kathleen Oweegon
Co-creating Peace
Co-creating Peace Episode #87 – “Conflict and Your Soul’s Journey”
Show Notes

In last weekend's episode of "Co-creating Peace", I had a wonderful conversation with Rabbi David H. Green, who shared some great insights into our soul's journey and how conflict can be an opportunity for soul growth. 

I hope you will enjoy “Conflict and Your Soul’s Journey”, Episode #87 of Co-creating Peace, a podcast series about conscious communication and conflict transformation. 

Conflict plays out in our lives in many ways, and it can serve many purposes. I often speak about conflict being an opportunity for several positive things, including growth at various levels. Rabbi David Green joins me from Jerusalem to talk about the relationship between conflict and the soul's journey.

For over 30 years David Green has been teaching topics such as individuality and soul awareness. Originally from Toronto, Canada, David spent time in the Hollywood music business as a songwriter at the young age of 16. He then studied music composition and Indiana U in Bloomington. After a lot of questioning, he went to Israel to find himself and a more soulful expression of his music. He found both by learning an array of topics about spiritual growth. Years later he attended Yeshiva, a study program for Jewish philosophy and became a rabbi. He has recorded two albums and authored 2 books, titled “A Book About You” and “Pictures of Your Soul”.

Visit to find David’s books and learn more about his work. His music can be found on your favorite streaming service.

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