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Update from the Edge

Andreas Robertz

We park. I step out of the car. I walk slowly. I hear the gravel under my feet. Ahead I see the gorgeous blue sky, and a sacred mountain manifests. A giant rock eagle spreads its wings, ready to fly. I step closer and stare into the canyon. My heart beats faster. Almost five thousand feet below, a river flows, pencil thin. I'm terrified yet in awe. As I contemplate the landscape before me, all concepts, identities, and words disappear from my mind. • If you have ever experienced something like this, you know how powerful it can be. The moment becomes an allegory. For me it symbolizes the state of humanity, standing at the edge of a precipice yet full of possibility. It also reflects what I want to achieve in my work. I am a cultural journalist and theater director. Whether in New York, Berlin, or Mexico City, I am inspired to discover new spaces of understanding and connection. • Welcome to Update from the Edge, a podcast where I explore these realms personally and with my guests. Directing and editing assistance by Mario Golden.