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D-BEnefits Podcast

David Emanuel

A podcast about the inflection point bridging the Modern with the Gig Age. Emphasis on employee benefits. Amidst the noise there is surely a signal. We are a privileged generation - living in what is likely the most significant inflection point in the process of civilization. Amidst the rush and noise of hyper speed change can we hear the signals? What changes are happening? How does all this change impact each of us? How do we navigate our way to taking advantage of these changes? The Benefits industry delivers a product and service that impacts the lives of millions of people on a day-to-day basis. Artificial Intelligence, therapeutic innovation, communication technology, robotics and the power of interconnectivity are some of the exciting developments that are bringing fresh new opportunities for advisors to work with employers as they seek to maximise the well-being and employment experience of the people who drive their businesses.On this podcast we look to thought leaders, innovators and domain specialists to help filter the noise and hear the signals of our time.

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