The Mystic Cave

Getting Lost: Michael Trotta on the Art of Being in Nature

May 15, 2022 Brian E Pearson Season 2 Episode 22
The Mystic Cave
Getting Lost: Michael Trotta on the Art of Being in Nature
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Becoming reacquainted with the natural world seems daunting at first. We've lived so long indoors, amusing ourselves to death with things that go Ping!, we've almost forgotten what it's like to be part of nature, how to be, what to do.

Michael Trotta, with whom I spoke last fall about myths and fairy tales, agreed to return to The Mystic Cave to give me a hand. A survivalist teacher and personal coach, Michael walked me through a program of reentry. First, I had to lose my busy brain with its grand delusions of communing with coyotes and talking to trees. But then, as I learned to still myself, nature did begin to approach me, but not like I'd imagined. Deeper.

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Michael's book: "Sit Spot and the Art of Inner Tracking" by R. Michael Trotta; Sagefire Institute, 2013 (available on Amazon) 

Lost and found in the woods
Remembering our Natural Selves
The Sit Spot Challenge
Talking to Trees
The Zen of Flyfishing