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What is Justice?

March 01, 2021 Alma-Constance Denis-Smith and Lucinda Acland Season 1 Episode 4
Kids Law
What is Justice?
Show Notes

Every year there is a justice week - and this year in 2021 it is in the first week of March. The purpose of Justice Week is to help people understand their rights and responsibilities, and how laws are made and changed. 

But what does justice actually mean?

In this episode, Alma-Constance and Lucinda Acland explore this question with Lord Neuberger, a very senior judge who was president of the Supreme Court and is  now a member of the House of Lords.

David tells us why justice is important, who is responsible for making sure we have justice in our country and what he thinks would happen if we didn't have justice.
He also describes what he was like when he was 10 years old and his journey to becoming a judge, even though he wasn't sure what he wanted to be when when he was younger. 
He thinks it's very important for young people (and adults too), to understand more about how laws are made and what they mean, so they can make informed decisions such as voting for MPs, who are the ones who make the laws that we all have to obey. 
David also has encouraging words of advice for young people if they are not sure what career to follow.

You can find out more about Justice Week 2021 here:



 And read more about the statue of Lady Justice here:


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