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Amazing Greats

Host Ric Hansen and friends. Produced by Klem Daniels

Interviews with well known actors, authors, artists, athletes, musicians, and business leaders. Authentic conversations about their lives, careers, and how their faith played an important part. Inspiring and uplifting stories of hope, transformation, and triumph. We dig deep for the powerful life stories from some very amazing guests...truly "souls on fire".
Surrendering to God- All Star shortstop Craig ReynoldsAugust 10, 2022 Episode artwork Bedside Bible changed everything- Gaby Viesca July 20, 2022 Episode artwork Being a Peace maker in a violent world- Author Jason PorterfieldJuly 07, 2022 Episode artwork Pro BB, Heavy Metal, and the continuing Pat Boone story.June 22, 2022 Episode artwork PAT BOONE- a national treasure. His story part 1June 06, 2022 Episode artwork World Series team to TEAM JESUS - Doug FlynnMay 24, 2022 Episode artwork More time in the NBA than Michael Jorden - Amazing Greats talks with Ed RushMay 10, 2022 Episode artwork Margo Day's 5 loaves & 2 fishApril 27, 2022 Episode artwork THE NEXT GREAT GENERATION- Jonathan CathermanMarch 29, 2022 Episode artwork The Godfather of Contemporary Christian music -The John Michael Talbot story.March 10, 2022 Episode artwork Don't buy the lie! NFL Star Sherman SmithFebruary 23, 2022 Episode artwork The Thanksgiving Dinner that's affected millions - DAN O'NEILLFebruary 08, 2022 Episode artwork Radio introduces Jesus to the world- Wayne PedersonJanuary 26, 2022 Episode artwork "Hands and Feet" of Jesus: Meet David EubankJanuary 12, 2022 Episode artwork C.S. Lewis's untold story revealed by actor Max McleanDecember 22, 2021 Episode artwork Gen Z- a vision of hope? Isiah LacombeDecember 14, 2021 Episode artwork World champion's nightly prayer. Jim Ryun: "Master of the Mile"November 19, 2021 Episode artwork Gratitude in all circumstances- Care Tuk's continuing story.November 09, 2021 Episode artwork On assignment from God! Lifetime Journalist Mark ElfstrandOctober 28, 2021 Episode artwork The fighter pilot who failed kindergarten! -Ed RushOctober 12, 2021 Episode artwork Jesus' miracles online & text chats. Sean Dunn is on a missionSeptember 29, 2021 Episode artwork It’s not about Todd, its about God! - Todd PetersonSeptember 09, 2021 Episode artwork Answered prayer took 6 years- Meet Sherri Lynn!August 24, 2021 Episode artwork A deep dive into Christian Music with Mark RamseyAugust 10, 2021 Episode artwork The "Story Teller's" story. Brant Hansen's amazing mission.July 27, 2021 Episode artwork