Amazing Greats

On assignment from God! Lifetime Journalist Mark Elfstrand

October 28, 2021 Host Ric Hansen and friends; Joe Michaels, Klem Daniels, Greg Cook and more! Season 1 Episode 21
Amazing Greats
On assignment from God! Lifetime Journalist Mark Elfstrand
Show Notes

Mark Elfstrand is a bigger than life, career journalist and spent years on the nation's original Christian radio pioneer, Moody Radio.   Mark shares his journey from a family Christian start to a stadium crusade "alter call"  and then a tearful encounter and lifetime commitment  after listening to a  Steve Green song  on his car radio:

"So desire to tell His story
Of a love that loved enough to die
Burns away all other passions
And fed by Calvary's love becomes a fire"

...and that fire burned brightly as he shared life stories, engaged with callers and joyfully entertained hundreds of thousand of listeners with his positive encouraging and lighthearted radio conversations.

You'll hear about how a family death impacted his life,  and about his own health scare years later.

Although not on the air now,  Mark is a busy man.    He's a speaker, blogger, coach, media consultant and elder emeritus at his local church.  Find out more about his current projects by visiting him at  Http://

If you would like a free copy of his booklet "Recliner Reflections" simply shoot him an email.  He' be happy to send one out to you.   or 312-498-9507

You can watch the video version of this episode on YouTube at

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