Love&BLoved with Lena Cebula

Your Voice is Your Power

April 14, 2022 Lena Cebula Season 2 Episode 48
Love&BLoved with Lena Cebula
Your Voice is Your Power
Show Notes

Another episode of Love&BLoved! My guest says:" Your voice is your power!" Joining me today is Shelley Jarrett. She is Women’s Advocate: Filmmaker: Entrepreneur.

Shelley Jarrett brings a wide range of expertise to the table. With a degree in Social Work, she has worked with women and supported them in various ways over the past three decades.

She also believes strongly in partnerships and collaborations, and is very supportive of developing business objectives and business skills through learning opportunities.

In 2019 Shelley produced her debut film, the award-winning documentary W’AT ABOWT US. Eight women from all 5 major cultural backgrounds tell their stories of truth from #metoo and beyond, gender-based harassment and abuse in diverse locations.

On today’s episode Shelley is going to share:
1. What is sexual harassment
2. Where it frequently  happens
3. Survivors and the healing process

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