Love&BLoved with Lena Cebula

Ray of Hope

May 31, 2023 Lena Cebula Season 4 Episode 65
Love&BLoved with Lena Cebula
Ray of Hope
Show Notes

New episode of Love&BLoved Podcast!  My guest says: “Survivors need an army of lawyers… human trafficking can be a dark and overwhelming topic…” Joining me today is Marianna Kosharovsky.

Marianna Kosharovsky, J.D. is the Executive Director of ALIGHT (Alliance to Lead Impact in Global Human Trafficking), which uses technology to connect survivors of human trafficking to specialized legal expertise. Ms. Kosharovsky’s expertise is rooted in over 15 years of experience in human trafficking, law and collaboration in the U.S. and Eastern Europe/Russia. She is a contributing author of the American Bar Association book Lawyers as Change makers (2016). Ms. Kosharovsky holds a law degree from N.Y.U. Law School.

On today’s episode Marianna is going to share:
1) ALIGHT non-profit
2) What is missing in the field
3) We leverage technologies 

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