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Everything is Connected

October 04, 2021 Lena Cebula Season 2 Episode 29
Love&BLoved with Lena Cebula
Everything is Connected
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Corry Lang is a certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist and Iridologist, and a Life & Emotional Health Coach with more than 1500 hours of coaching training. She helps people to  improve their physical and mental health. By teaching them how to detoxify their organs and body systems and to cleanse from toxic baggage physically and mentally/emotionally.

Definition of Regenerative Detoxification: The main aspect of Regenerative Detoxification is cleansing and detoxifying the organs and body systems from acids, toxins and pesticides, and starting the process of cellular regeneration that leads to true healing. We believe that cells, tissues and organs will heal and regenerate when they have been cleansed and detoxified. We work entirely with whole-food nutrition, herbal protocols and botanical medicine. We don’t use supplements which are often synthetic isolates, made in a lab and not recognized by the body (the body actually eliminates those as waste, opposed to using them for nutritional deficiencies).

Definition of Iridology:
Iridology is a method to assess one’s state of health by specific colors, marks and signs in the iris of the eyes as well as the pupil and sclera. The iris of the eye is like a map where each place represents a different organ or body system. In Iridology we apply "holistic health". We view the body as a whole rather than only as specific parts. Our cells, organs and body systems interact together, not separately. When one organ is not functioning well, the whole body is affected and that is reflected in the iris of the eyes as well. 
Iridology generally reveals the state of the organs and body systems but not any particular disease. While specialized modern medicine often focuses on a specific area and the root of the problem remains, Iridologists view the body holistically - they don't treat just a symptom - and tackle the root of the problem. 

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