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Human Trafficking Red Flags & Resources

February 01, 2022 Lena Cebula Season 2 Episode 43
Love&BLoved with Lena Cebula
Human Trafficking Red Flags & Resources
Show Notes

If there is IMMEDIATE danger or if you suspect a person is being trafficked, call 911 OR your local police service. You might save someone’s life. Google your country’s Hotline. It’s completely anonymous, report this hideous crime. The Hotline is operating 24 hours, 7 days a week. For assistance in Canada call
 1-833-900-1010 or use the Chat function on
Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline website.

October 2013, I’ve became a wellness advocate for doTERRA essential oils company.  I wanted to take charge of my wellness and make an impact in the world.  Healing Hands partners with organizations actively engaged in human trafficking prevention, rescue, and aftercare.

3Strands Global, through PROTECT online program,provides prevention education training to students and educators to help prevent exploitation and victimization.

Since 2003, Rapha House has worked to end the sexual exploitation of children by spreading awareness about the seriousness of this problem, devoting time to prevention measures, and by focusing on rehabilitating children who have been involved in trafficking.

Tim Ballard is an anti-human trafficking activist and author. He is the founder of Operation Underground Railroad  (OUR)  freed over 1,000 child victims around the world from sex trafficking and place survivors on the path to recovery through localized aftercare services.

Covenant House Toronto is Canada’s largest agency serving youth who are homeless, trafficked, or at-risk, offering a wide range of services and support to as many as 300 youth a day. Since opening its doors in 1982, Covenant House has served more than 95,000 young people.

In 2017 I partner up with Fight4Freedom. Christian/non-profit anti human trafficking organization. They exist to be an active voice and advocate of justice for women and men impacted by the sex industry… and to further assist them in finding necessary support that will aid  them in their journey to safety, healing and restoration.

My book called Miraculous:

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