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Amplify: Podcast Plays by Actor's Express

Actor's Express and Various Atlanta Artists

A core mission of Actor's Express is to uplift the voice of playwrights. Amplify, Actor's Express narrative podcast, seeks out Atlanta playwrights and challenges them to tell stories through the sound waves of podcasting. Amplify initially started with Crossroads. Crossroads was created by seven local Atlanta playwrights and brought to life by eleven actors. Our next series Tucker's Cove will be available to download on January 25th, 2022. Tucker's Cove was written by Sofia Palmero and Kayla Parker, two playwrights who have a steady hand on the heartbeat of the Atlanta community. Members of the Express Apprentice company will voice Tucker's Cove. You can find Crossroads and Tucker's Cove by searching "Amplify" on Apple, Spotify and Amazon Music.