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Functional breathing for a healthy life! with Tracey Howes - Mindful Meets #41

April 18, 2022 Lori Season 2
The Mindful Eating Clinic
Functional breathing for a healthy life! with Tracey Howes - Mindful Meets #41
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Show Notes

I had a fascinating chat all about breathing with Tracey Howes.  We probably think we know all there is to know about breathing but listen to this podcast and you will learn that now all breathing is equal!

Tracey is an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor and RAID freediver based on the south coast of England. 

By incorporating scientifically proven breathwork techniques into daily practice and training programmes, Tracey’s clients have transformed their breathing habits to build confidence, improve focus, concentration and sleep quality, reduce anxiety and stress, train for marathons and prepare to swim The English Channel. 

Tracey is particularly interested in women’s breathing with medical evidence supporting how hormonal fluctuations affect women’s overall quality of life.

Clients include recreational athletes, corporate leaders and teams, independent business owners and teens, amongst others. Tracey collaborates with trusted wellbeing practitioners should clients require additional support.

The eternal student, Tracey is passionate about sharing breathing education and practical exercises which can be applied in day-to-day activities with meaningful, measurable and long-lasting results. 

Work with Tracey:  1-to-1  *  Groups  *  Live events  *  Retreats  *  Corporate  *  In person  *  Zoom



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