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Improving my gut health saved my life - with Will Shotton - Mindful Meets #47

November 07, 2022 Lori Weber Season 3 Episode 47
The Mindful Eating Clinic
Improving my gut health saved my life - with Will Shotton - Mindful Meets #47
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Show Notes

Today I talk to Will Shotton, owner and creator of Tibico.  Listen to his amazing story from serious illness to the creation of a product which improved not only his own health but can support our own!  See below for how UK listeners can benefit from a special promotion!

Having enjoyed a career in industry and heading up 3 Public Companies; during 2016, following a life changing event it became imperative that he understood more about nutrition, gut health and what was going into his body.

What he thought was a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise, gym sessions, cycling and walking, was actually being countered by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.   This led to a very serious diagnosis.   

As a Food Process Technologist and Microbiologist and having studied biology, months of study confirmed the importance of good nutrition, essential gut health and eating a high percentage plant-based diet. 

Over a 2-year period, he undertook a career change studying 'Functional Nutrition' and went on to study the microbiology of the microbiome. 

 Tibico was formed in 2019 with a mission to produce a unique raw probiotic water kefir and to communicate the complexity of good gut health.   Hear how William collaborates with numerous specialists in the field of the microbiome on a regular basis.  He openly admits; "there isn't a day goes past when I learn something new about the roles that bacteria play in our health and wellness".

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