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Mindful Moments Ep 51 - How to lose weight

January 10, 2023 Lori Weber Episode 51
The Mindful Eating Clinic
Mindful Moments Ep 51 - How to lose weight
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Show Notes

In this little mindful moment, specifically scheduled for the New Year, I talk about losing weight.  It's a big conversation.  How to lose weight - if you Googled that, you'd be there all day scrolling through the options.

I want to talk about how to do it with lasting success.  I also start the conversation with the fact that it is fine to want to lose weight (despite a lot of social media conversation to the contrary) but I do have certain caveats for you to think about. 

Much of my thinking is based on research done by the National Weight Registry in the US and from the National Centre for Eating Disorders who specialise in the treatment of weight loss and obesity, as well as EDs.

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I hope you enjoy this listen.  

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