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Your gut connects to everything! with Emma Jamieson - Mindful Meets #52

January 28, 2023 Lori Weber Season 3 Episode 52
The Mindful Eating Clinic
Your gut connects to everything! with Emma Jamieson - Mindful Meets #52
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Show Notes

Emma is  a registered nutritionist and health coach specialising in digestive health.

Why digestive health? Because Emma's experience means she knows how uncomfortable poor digestive health can be.  She was doubled over in pain every evening, looked six months pregnant by the end of the day due to bloating and was miserable cutting out all the foods she loved in the hope of identifying what was causing these debilitating symptoms.  She felt trapped in a body that was working against her. Her GP gave her a label – IBS – but that was as much as they could do and offered no further help or guidance. 

So Emma took matters into my own hands and began training as a nutritionist. On paper this was to enable a career change, but deep down she knew she was looking to improve her own health.

In our conversation, Emma shares her deep understanding of our amazing digestive system and the various factors in play that cause IBS and other gut-related conditions.  We talk about the impact of mindful eating and stress and it's a fascinating conversation!

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