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How to recover from disordered eating with Elle Mace - Mindful Meets - #63

September 29, 2023 Lori Weber Season 3 Episode 63
The Mindful Eating Clinic
How to recover from disordered eating with Elle Mace - Mindful Meets - #63
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Show Notes

We chat with Elle Mace this month.   It was difficult to come up with a title for this one because we talk about SO much!  Elle talks about her history with restriction, bingeing and bulimia but not just that, also she shares how she came to understand why it was happening and what aspects of her life had contributed to her eating behaviour.   

Elle has lived it and experienced it.  She has the experience of living with body dysmorphia and disordered eating which has driven her to be passionate to support anyone suffering with their relationship to food, their body, themselves and others.

 Elle Mace is a master practitioner in eating disorders, obesity and nutrition. She works with clients on a 121, group and online basis as well as running retreats and her own podcast.  Her chat with me talks about how she overcame her issues and what she thinks it important to heal others.  We chat about how to raise children without eating issues and the damage of dieting.

We share our coaching common ground and some tips about how you can start to recover from disordered eating.

It's an honest (and fun) conversation!  
Instagram:  @iamellemace

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