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Why dieting doesn't work! - Mindful Moment. #2

January 11, 2021 Lori Season 1 Episode 2
The Mindful Eating Clinic
Why dieting doesn't work! - Mindful Moment. #2
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Show Notes

This podcast is about why dieting doesn't work and the reasons why dieting is bad.   Over 80% of diets don't work in the long term in fact there are several reasons why dieting is bad!  The way to lose weight is to stop dieting! In this podcast, extracted from a YouTube video, I talk about some of the reasons why diets don't work to help you understand why we need a new approach to lasting weight loss.

So instead - learn how to stop dieting and start living, stop yo yo dieting and lose weight for good.  This video gives several reasons why diet don't work.  The dieting industry is worth billions because it denies the fact that diets don't work and encourages you back for more of their diet mentality motivation.  But, it's not the only way to manage weight.   Mindful eating is the way to retrain how you think about food and to improve your eating behaviours - it's a way to get out of the fact that dieting is unhealthy.  You will lose weight healthily and naturally.  What's more you can find lasting weight loss by understanding why diets don't work and make a decision to do it another way.  You can learn how to lose weight in a lasting way.

There's  a more natural way to lose weight which means you never have to diet again.  Mindful eating isn't a quick fix diet which restricts what you can or can't eat.  It's the new way to find a better relationship with food, increase healthy eating and ditch the diets for good.  Because diets don' t work - this is the approach of The Mindful Eating Clinic, an approach which can teach you how to maintain a diet for weight loss.  So stop dieting and find food freedom forever!

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