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Are you really hungry? - Mindful Moment. #7

January 14, 2021 Lori Season 1 Episode 7
The Mindful Eating Clinic
Are you really hungry? - Mindful Moment. #7
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Show Notes

Learn about the 8 different hunger types to answer the  questions: Why am I hungry?  Am I hungry or bored?  Is my hunger emotional eating?  Am I hungry or full?  Do I need to eat?  Why am I still hungry after eating? You might also be asking yourself why am I hungry all the time? 

This podcast helps you identify the hunger types.  If you understand the hunger types and learn to eat less as a result, you can stop overeating and you can manage your weight successfully.  If you stop overeating and gaining weight you can improve your mental and physical health

Hunger should simple - we're either hungry or not right?  But actually, it's complicated to understand hunger and be aware of the drivers which make us overeat and gain weight.  It's not straightforward to understand your hunger to manage your weight or overcome emotional eating. But you can know your hunger and lose weight, by understanding better what your drivers are you can learn how to eat and lose weight.  Maybe you just need to go and do something else!  Some people think there are 6 types of hunger - in this podcast and in my supporting YouTube video and blog article I believe there are 8 types of hunger to be aware of.  You learn how to eat for weight loss and whether you need to eat.  Understand hunger and eat less.  Are you still hungry after you've eaten - you will learn to understand why.  Mindful eating is centred around understanding hunger and it's a proven intuitive process of retraining your mind to change how you think about food.  

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