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How to stay motivated - Mindful Moment. #32

January 28, 2022 Lori Season 2 Episode 4
The Mindful Eating Clinic
How to stay motivated - Mindful Moment. #32
Show Notes

We're all looking for that magic way to stock to our goals.  This might be to lose weight or keep it stable or do make other healthy chances to our lives. We all have habits we'd like to change and many of us ask   "Why can't I just stick at it?!"

We can be hard on ourselves, despairing that we seem repeatedly to fail in our attempts to change how we eat.   But it's very unlikely that we'll be successful if our thinking is coming from a negative place.  This means that we just continue to pile on the pressure!

We need to learn how to create positive motivation to remain resilient and focussed.  Here are three motivation techniques to improve your chances of success.  This short Mindful Moment is a quick helpful podcast to build some motivation techniques.

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