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Sunflower Birthing Circles - Safe Birthing for Ukrainian Women in Poland

May 01, 2022 Dale Allen Episode 16
The Core
Sunflower Birthing Circles - Safe Birthing for Ukrainian Women in Poland
Show Notes

You can help establish safe birthing centers for Ukrainian women.

Sunflower Birthing Cirlces: We are grassroots women from around the world, shocked and shaken by the genocide and ecocide, in Ukraine.
We saw the image of the pregnant woman on a stretcher coming out of the bombed maternity hospital, in Mariupol where 20,000 civilians at least have died, and hundreds of children have died.
We saw Marcus Yam’s images of the women in the basements of Kharkiv, going without adequate food, water and medical care for weeks.  We watched the images feeling powerless.   But then...   
a seed, a spark, a dream... seemed to touch us all simultaneously.
Like a river of birds in migration, we were moved to come together in circle one night on Zoom in early March, and share with tears of grief and rage that, which was breaking our hearts.  
As our hearts opened with compassion, we invited each one to think together creatively about possible ways to collectively act on behalf of our sisters there, especially the late term pregnant ones in dire living situations. 
Then we all began a miraculous whirl of community development and organizing, meeting and developing relationships with birthworkers across Poland who were touched by Varvara’s writing, Asiya’s thoughtful planning,  and Nadiia's sensitivity in working with women coming from her hometown of war-struck Kharkiv and her desire to bring others out of danger.
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