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The Core

Dale Allen

At your Core is your healthy Power, Passion and Purpose. It's easy to loose touch with your innate Knowing, your Authentic Self - sliding into the mundane, feeling disconnected and wooden. But with regular doses of inspiration and insight, tools and training, we can find our way. In her podcast, Dale Allen harnesses many pathways: interviews with healers and visionaries, guided meditations, audio journeys into archetypes and myths, even humor - bringing us to the strength and satisfaction of living from the Core! Dale Allen is a veteran of corporate, commercial communications. Her extensive resume includes hundreds of voice-over, on-camera and live presentation projects. Some of the most quality conscious global companies, such as BMW, Canon and MasterCard among others, have chosen her to represent their brands. Her energy and enthusiasm, sincerity and strength infuse her presentations and impact audiences. Dale was honored to twice present to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, her one-woman show, In Our Right Minds™, Guiding Women to Their Strength as Leaders, Leading Men to Strength Without Armor. She has brought her talents to scores of audiences - nationwide, to Canada, and from Kauai to Dubai. Described as having the energy of “a Cape Canaveral lift-off,” she thoroughly engages and inspires her audience, which ranges from highly educated corporate leaders to teenage girls seeking their place in the world. The Core Podcast has three episodes to start and then, will come to you every Monday. Next new episode: February 15, 2021.