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Master Sri Akarshana Interview | The Yogi With a Lamborghini on How to Manifest Anything

April 07, 2021 Jay Menez, Master Sri Akarshana Season 1 Episode 12
Hollywood Real with Jay Menez
Master Sri Akarshana Interview | The Yogi With a Lamborghini on How to Manifest Anything
Show Notes

Master Sri Akarshana shares his secrets on how to manifest anything – and how you can too. Formerly known as the Yogi with a Lamborghini, Eric Ho, he rose from troubled beginnings to self-made success. In his quest to create more impact, he undertook a Himalayan journey of deep enlightenment that transformed his life and mission forever.

Once a spiritual gangster, he emerged a spiritual master and today leads a following of millions of people seeking inspiration, guidance, and ultimate happiness in their lives.

Master Sri credits his hard-working parents as the strong role models who provided the foundation of leadership and entrepreneurial instinct that drives him today.

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In today's in-depth interview, we learn about how it all began for young Eric Ho, his dreams and early challenges, finding purpose, a pivotal moment that rocked his soul, discovering spirituality, and the mindset that can help you achieve greater success in every part of your life.

Master Sri simplifies the Law of Attraction and how manifestation practices work and explains how we should think about money and charitable giving.

He also reveals what to expect in his 2021 predictions and for the coming years, with specific advice about what to do now so you don't miss the biggest wealth-building opportunity of our lifetimes.

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