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Robert Parks Valletta of Vanderpump Rules on Achieving Hollywood Success

November 02, 2021 Jay Menez, Robert Parks Valletta Season 1 Episode 15
Hollywood Real with Jay Menez
Robert Parks Valletta of Vanderpump Rules on Achieving Hollywood Success
Show Notes

Robert Parks Valletta, the Emmy award-winning producer, actor, and author, joins host Jay Menez to catch up on his career and to share his advice on how to make it in Hollywood.

He's appeared on over 30 tv shows and films, including The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, True Blood, Melrose Place, Hawaii Five-O, CSI, NCIS, and Vanderpump Rules.

Rob Valletta successfully created and hosted his first tv show, This is LA, and replicated it in San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, Denver, and other cities. Today, he's the founder and CEO of Making It Media.

As Executive Producer of Staycation, he won an Emmy award in 2021. Other key titles include Wonderful Places, The Recruit, and Destination LA, Dallas, and SF.

We talk about getting his first manager, Aaron Sacks, modeling Bradley Cooper's career, Michael B Jordan, soap acting, social media, casting influencers, and how Logan Paul tapped into his audience.

And there’s more...

• Creating a personal brand and telling your story like Gary Vaynerchuk.

• Almost giving up and why Rob also made the heartbreaking decision to let go of a valuable relationship.

• The simple method Rob uses to hack his brain out of depression, inspired by his sister, actress/supermodel Amber Valletta.

• Why you must be kind to others and how actor Dante Basco sets the example.

• Appearing on the reality show, Vanderpump Rules, with his then-girlfriend, Scheana Marie Shay, and what the experience taught him.

• The healthy way to think about public criticism and negativity.

• Preparation meets opportunity - pitching Matt Eisenberg at CBS and bootstrapping the first show.

• Changing the perception about how to "make it" as an artist, and how this mindset leads to success. (He later wrote a book about it)

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