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Yelling About Star Trek

Cristian Fox

In this podcast, you can hear me yell about all things Star Trek, so my friends and family don't have to. I discuss everything from serious topics like the messages that Star Trek is trying to convey, to random things like Worf holding a flashlight while the Enterprise is crashing. If you're in the mood to hear a nerd talk about Star Trek more than he probably should, you're in the right place.
E42. Brent Spiner Is The Best! Here's Why. January 21, 2022 Episode artwork E41. Not Quite Friday Shawarma Worthy! All About My Struggle With New Trek.January 14, 2022 Episode artwork E40. The Motion Picture Used To Scare Me As A Kid! Here's WhyJanuary 07, 2022 Episode artwork E39. Shakespeare Was Klingon! My Love of Star Trek VIand Why I Think It Is A Great Film.December 10, 2021 Episode artwork E38. Stargate Is the Best Star Trek Show That Isn't s A Star Trek Show!December 03, 2021 Episode artwork E37. A Case For Riker From A Riker Apologist! November 26, 2021 Episode artwork E36. Fan Fiction: A Mem-Noir Review. The “Data” Story I Didn’t Know I Needed!November 14, 2021 Episode artwork E35. Have You Ever Noticed How Odo Is the Jerry Seinfeld of Star Trek? November 05, 2021 Episode artwork E34. That Time Trek Got Halloween(y) With Catspaw! October 29, 2021 Episode artwork E33. The Voyage Home is the Most Trek of the Trek Films! Here's Why.October 22, 2021 Episode artwork E32. Ranking the Captains by their Diplomatic Ability. Oh Picard isn't Number One. What!?October 15, 2021 Episode artwork E31. I'm Adopted Like Worf! Oh and a Life UpdateOctober 05, 2021 Episode artwork E30. My Favourite Memories of Trekking Out With Grandma and Grandpa Fox September 17, 2021 Episode artwork EP.29 Chakotay Is the Number One “Number One”! No, SeriouslySeptember 02, 2021 Episode artwork E28. Talking About Trek and IT with Jay Are! P2August 27, 2021 Episode artwork E27. Talking About Trek and IT with Jay Are! P1August 20, 2021 Episode artwork E26. Why We Love Star Trek and What it Means to Us with Javen Bernakevitch!August 13, 2021 Episode artwork E25: First Contact is Star Trek's Apology to Worf!August 06, 2021 Episode artwork E24. Reginald Barclay III Is The Bravest Person in Star Trek! Yup, You Read That CorrectlyJuly 30, 2021 Episode artwork E23. Debating Future Admiral Janeway with Jack Baker!July 25, 2021 Episode artwork E22. Captain Kirk and the Curious Case of Lt. Baily July 16, 2021 Episode artwork E21. Captain Picard is Like a Father To Me. No Seriously!July 09, 2021 Episode artwork E20. Lets Talk about DS9 and the Keiko O’Brien Situation!July 02, 2021 Episode artwork E19. The Great Serialized vs Episodic Debate with Paul Finch!June 25, 2021 Episode artwork E18. Getting Nerdy About Equinox With The Scotch Trekker!June 18, 2021 Episode artwork