Lessons In The Ladder Days

Keys To Unlock The "Vaccine & Mark of the Beast" Connection (Part 2)

September 06, 2021 Candace Long
Lessons In The Ladder Days
Keys To Unlock The "Vaccine & Mark of the Beast" Connection (Part 2)
Show Notes

This episode is the conclusion to what I began in Part 1 in order to support the controversial episode, Could The Vaccine Be The "Mark of the Beast?"   I share key insights from earlier episodes that you may not have heard which led me to see the connection between the vaccine and the " Mark of the Beast."   

Here are episodes I drew from for this episode.  As you listen and want to know more about a certain topic, just make a note of the name of the episode it's in.  Click its link here to learn more.  


Return of the Nephilim
Return of the Nephilim - Part 2
The Nephilim At Work Today
Surviving Judgment (Why We're Still Getting Covid)
The Nephilim-UFO Connection, Part 1 (How We Opened The Door)
The Nephilim-UFO Connection, Part 2 (The Aliens' Story)
The Nephilim-UFO Connection,  Part 3 (God's Perspective)

Note:  Each of the above episodes provide all my source material and recommended reading.  Click a title and read the Episode Description notes to learn more.

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"Return of the Nephilim" - 14-page monograph by Candace L. Long (source material found in this 3-part series)
"The Nephilim-UFO Connection" - 17-page monograph by Candace L. Long that pulls together all the historical findings and their sources from this popular 3-part series.
"Mixed Seed" - by Candace L. Long (19-page monograph)