The Light Within

83. Recovering from Burnout with Holly Doll

November 07, 2022 Leslie Draffin Season 2
The Light Within
83. Recovering from Burnout with Holly Doll
Show Notes

In this week's episode, Holly Doll shares strategies to help you beat burnout while also explaining the patterns that lead people to burn out.

We discuss:
- what burnout is
- symptoms of burnout
- tips to start healing
- why women fall victim to burnout more than men

Holly Doll is a Business and Health Strategist that helps high-performing women recover from burnout and redefine the hustle culture they’ve been trapped in for far too long. She combines her business knowledge, coaching experience, and extensive understanding of women’s hormones (specifically burnout) all together to teach women the tools they need to elevate their body, brain and businesses. Her passion is getting to the root cause and diving into the deep rooted emotional issues that are holding women back in their health and their businesses. Holly believes that women can have it all: true health, fulfilling relationships, massive impact and a financially successful business without sacrificing themselves.

Connect with Holly:
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