The Light Within

104. Integrative Healing through Cannabis with Ashley Whelan

May 01, 2023 Leslie Draffin Season 3
The Light Within
104. Integrative Healing through Cannabis with Ashley Whelan
Show Notes

In this episode, Licensed Psychotherapist, Somatic Cannabis Facilitator & Transformational Guide Ashley Whelan shares all about her intentional cannabis practice & how it's helped her connect with herself on a deep & personal level.

We discuss:
- how to use cannabis intentionally-
- Ashley's cannabis-infused somatic practice
- how this plant medicine can reconnect you with your inner wisdom, release physical tension & help you build a better relationship with yourself.

More about Ashley:
Ashley Whelan is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Somatic Cannabis Facilitator and Transformational Guide based in San Diego, California.

Having spent a decade in the field of counseling practicing trauma healing, somatic therapy and energy techniques, she established herself as an expert in facilitating the release of trauma and stress from the body to ascend higher levels of consciousness.

After years of studying somatic psychology and non-ordinary states of consciousness, Ashley discovered the potent effects of cannabis as a catalyst for integrative healing experiences. She developed the Cannabis Infused Somatic Practice™, a revolutionary approach that is the culmination of her work integrating plant medicine work with movement, breath, and sound. This transformative approach shifts the paradigm with cannabis use into an intentional healing experience that enables people to reconnect with their inner wisdom, release physical tension, and feel more trusting. 

Ashley has become well known for her ability to integrate western psychology with mysticism. She is guided by a mission to help people cultivate deeper relationships with themselves so they can actualize their wildest dreams.

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