The Light Within

108. Becoming Worthy with Ellen Gilbert

May 29, 2023 Leslie Draffin Season 3
The Light Within
108. Becoming Worthy with Ellen Gilbert
Show Notes

In this week's episode, Ellen Gilbert shares what it means to become worthy while stepping into your power. We discuss: why we (as women) often feel unworthy, how psilocybin has helped Ellen heal & ways to step into your sacred feminine leadership. 

More about Ellen:
Ellen Gilbert is a sacred feminine leadership coach helping women and non-binary kin expand to their soul's potential and lead the life they came here to live.

She has distilled a decade of experience working with women leaders, community builders, and world-changers into strategies that effect change from the inside-out. She helps visionary women leaders turn down the dial on their inner critic, heal from imposter syndrome, detox from internalized patriarchy and hustle culture, and stop burnout in its tracks. Ellen partners with her clients to envision boldly, embody worthiness, align with their mission, and act with intention.

Connect with Ellen:
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