The Light Within

110. Psychedelics & Birthwork with Mackenzie River

June 12, 2023 Leslie Draffin
The Light Within
110. Psychedelics & Birthwork with Mackenzie River
Show Notes

In this week's episode, Mackenzie River of the Mama Psychedelia Podcast joins us to talk all about:
- birthwork
- psychedelics
- becoming a doula
- navigating expanded states of consciousness

Mackenzie River is the Mama + host of The Mama Psychedelia Podcast, a platform she created to explore and give voice to the psychedelic nature of the child bearing continuum and our cyclical nature on this earth. 

She is a practicing Holistic Doula-Birth Keeper, supporting families through the threshold of conception, pregnancy, birth & postpartum. Primarily residing & offering services in Costa Rica & Canada. She also studies traditional midwifery practices with an amazing Elder named Whapio who weaves the worlds of physiologic birth & mysticism within her teachings. 

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