The Light Within

111. #1 Sign of Growth & Transformation (plus a BONUS MEDITATION) with Leslie Draffin

August 14, 2023 Leslie Draffin Season 3
The Light Within
111. #1 Sign of Growth & Transformation (plus a BONUS MEDITATION) with Leslie Draffin
Show Notes

WELCOME BACK BABE!! After a few weeks off to enjoy summer, we're back with a solo episode all about the #1 sign you're growing & transforming - it's the ability to see every "failure" as a blessing re-aligning you to your life's purpose.

In this chat, Leslie Draffin breaks down how to reframe your past failures into messages from the Universe. She also shares a beautiful 15 minute meditation to help these feelings really sink in - fast forward to 8:45 to get the meditation!!

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See you next week!

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