The Light Within

117. Mindset & Mental Wellness for Entrepreneurs with Rachel Molenda

September 25, 2023 Leslie Draffin Season 3
The Light Within
117. Mindset & Mental Wellness for Entrepreneurs with Rachel Molenda
Show Notes

In this episode, Mindset Coach Rachel Molenda shares about the important of mindset work and mental wellness for entrepreneurs. We talk about:
- how to call in your next level life
- how to shift your beliefs around yourself & become your 'be her now' version
- why Rachel started a community for entrepreneurs 

About Rachel:
Rachel Molenda (@rachelmmolenda) is a Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs and the Founder of The Well, a coaching & community platform to support the mental wellness of identifying-women entrepreneurs. 

With her contagious uplifting spirit and by leveraging the healing nature of like-minded community and activating coaching experiences, Rachel helps women entrepreneurs combat self-doubt and remember who they really are so they can do the work they were born to do. 

Rachel is a multi-passionate living in Toronto, Canada who also enjoys singing, dancing, cooking, cold exposure and DJing. Learn more about Rachel over on or at @rachelmmolenda on Instagram.

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The Well
Self-Identity Script Writing
MushWomb Alchemy

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