The Light Within

118. Dressing as your Highest Self with Brigitta Catinean

October 02, 2023 Leslie Draffin Season 3
The Light Within
118. Dressing as your Highest Self with Brigitta Catinean
Show Notes

In this episode, personal stylist Brigitta Catinean shares all about dressing as your highest self & how a great outfit can make you feel empowered.

About Brigitta:
Brigitta is a Romanian-born, Calgary-based personal stylist. She thinks of her work as equal parts stylist, therapist, and friend. She is passionate about the female empowerment that comes from personal style.  She strongly believes that style comes in every size, at every age and that unique personal style looks different for every woman, and StylexBrigitta is here to celebrate that beauty.  Brigitta currently lives in Calgary with her partner Danny, and their lab June. Their home is filled with life from the small jungle of plants they nurture to the constant beats of a perfectly curated playlist.

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