The Light Within

120. Sound Healing & Connecting to Spirit with Ashana

October 16, 2023 Leslie Draffin Season 3
The Light Within
120. Sound Healing & Connecting to Spirit with Ashana
Show Notes

In this episode, sacred vocal artist Ashana shares about her work with crystal singing bowls & how they're an ally for our spiritual awakening. We also discuss the healing magic of sound & how it's a catalyst for our connection with spirit.

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More about Ashana:
Ashana is one of the premiere healing music artists and New Age vocalists of our time, weaving together soaring, angelic vocals and the celestial sound of alchemy crystal singing bowls. This exquisitely crafted sonic tapestry has been hailed by listeners all over the world as “breathtaking” and “a gift from heaven.” Ashana's best selling music has been downloaded and streamed by millions of fans around the world. A life-long student of yoga and mantra from many of the world’s spiritual traditions, Ashana has led two online group meditations touching the lives of more than 20,000 people in 50 countries. As a renowned master crystal bowl artist, teacher, and sound healer, Ashana is an expert in the field of sound healing with crystal bowls, training students from all over the world in the art of applying crystalline sound to therapeutic and artistic healing modalities in her Crystal Bowl Mastery program.


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