The Light Within

13. The Power of Breath with Johann Urb

May 10, 2021 Leslie Draffin Season 1
The Light Within
13. The Power of Breath with Johann Urb
Show Notes

In this week's episode Johann Urb, actor and creator of the Pyramid Breath Method, shares all about the healing power of breathwork. Johann speaks about how he began meditating as a teenager and the ways it helped him beat depression. We also go into how plant medicine journeys and yoga helped Johann connect with his truest self and create the Pyramid Breath Method.

In 2020, Leslie took one of Johann's Pyramid Breath classes on zoom and it was transformational. After talking with Johann for this podcast, she's added breathwork into her daily practice and feels like it's making her more turned on in all aspects of her life.

Johann Urb is a world class teacher of meditation and breathwork or how he likes to call it: BreathPlay. He is a sought after spiritual teacher and a coach. He has held a daily spiritual practice for over 30 years. In his Pyramid Breath Method he has designed a powerful breathing technique that uses sound, movement and optimum oxygenation techniques to dramatically shift our state towards positivity; freeing us from past trauma, allowing us to eliminate old beliefs systems, patterns and habits and connecting us with our sacred sexuality in a safe, responsible way. Johann has the unique gift of bringing his deep spiritual perspective to his coaching practices; in relationships, finding life purpose, creating healthy habits, conscious communication and experiencing fulfillment. Johann is also an accomplished actor, utterly fascinated by the play that exists in and in between the realms of consciousness.

Book suggestions:
Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor
Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-Commitment by Gay Hendricks & Kathryn Hendricks

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