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Misfit Wisdom with Danielle O'Neill


An impromptu podcast about mental health— recovery from perfectionism, people-pleasing, codependency, anxiety, depression and eating disorders. About the Podcast:A free-spirited misfit and abstract artist with tons of creative ideas, I have always had a lot to share, but was too afraid to speak up - until now. A "professional student," I hold a Master's degree in Journalism and several random certifications I collected over the past decade in order to feel good enough. But enough was never enough for me; I was addicted to being seen as smart and accomplished. In this podcast, I’ll discuss a bunch of things on my mind and heart including my struggles with perfectionism, recovery from eating disorders, exercise addiction and people-pleasing behaviors. The podcast includes conversations about feeling like a misfit in society, living with anxiety and the sense of urgency that pervades our culture, and the pressure to "fit in." This podcast will hopefully include many other topics as well. Potential trigger warnings: some discussion of mental/emotional health, anxiety/depression and disordered eating/self-harm behaviors. If in doubt, consult your licensed health professional or therapist before listening. This podcast is not meant to replace or provide any form of therapy / personal advice. It is solely based upon the speaker's experience and non-professional opinions about the topics. Please take responsibility for your own recovery and do what it takes for you to feel safe. You're worth it.

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