Courage and Spice: the podcast for humans with Self-doubt

Making a healthy marriage with Maggie Reyes

February 09, 2022 Episode 98
Courage and Spice: the podcast for humans with Self-doubt
Making a healthy marriage with Maggie Reyes
Show Notes

Maggie Reyes is a marriage coach who specialises in helping Type A women have better marriages - without waiting for their partners to do something and without adding to their already jam-packed lives. I’ve known Maggie for years and years and this is the second time we’ve chatted, talk about the OG’s of the coaching world! I really hope you enjoy this episode, there’s almost too much goodness inside, I really found myself wanting to coach with her myself!

So whats this episode really about? 

  • Maggie talks about what really goes on in her coaching practice and how different she is from what you believe a marriage coach to be. 
  • How feminism comes into a marriage - for the foundation of equality and respect. 
  • Maggie goes deep into the whole idea of systems theory and how she uses this with her clients. 
  • And, of course, how self-doubt shows up in our primary relationships and the key psychological risks that come up with this. 
  • We explain rejection sensitivity, how you can have this and how this can show up for you and your partner. 
  • We take a deep dive into boundaries and what trips us up as partners. 
  • How do we get our needs met without being the arsehole?
  • I ask Maggie what she thinks about a marriage that learns, grows and develops and how we live with someone for the long haul.  

Why you should listen
When we can take responsibility for our own emotional wellbeing and share that in our families in the smallest level, this is how we change the world. Maggie explains how for a thousand years humans followed through example, through apprenticeship. So by working with just one person in the relationship, she is able to lead by example. If you don’t keep your own word, you will always doubt your own self and others. We also talk about taking emotional leadership in your relationship - don’t wait for your partner to do the things you want, YOU do the things you want.

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You can quote me on that
“A loved heart does not go to war with itself or with others.” Maggie Reyes.
“As soon as you take full responsibility for your own experience, everything shifts.” - Sas Petherick
“From now on, I disappoint myself last” - Sarah Wiles

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