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Trauma and Coaching with Katie Kurtz

November 02, 2022 Sas Petherick / Katie Kurtz Episode 126
Courage and Spice: the podcast for humans with Self-doubt
Trauma and Coaching with Katie Kurtz
Show Notes

Folks I’m so excited to welcome Katie Kurtz to the podcast. Katie is a licensed social worker and trained trauma specialist, certified coach, consultant and yoga teacher. Not only that, but she also facilitates a beautiful program called Cultivate, which is all about trauma-informed care, and has recently created the most beautiful card deck called Contain.

So what’s this episode really about? 

This conversation is an in-depth conversation about trauma-informed care and trauma-informed coaching. Katie shares with us what trauma-informed care is, and how it came to be -  growing out of the roots of trauma therapy, PTSD and the experience of survivors. Trauma is something that affects all of us.

We talk about how trauma-informed care has recently entered new and non-traditional fields, such as coaching, wellness and entrepreneurship businesses. Katie shares the importance of understanding that trauma-informed care has a significant history, and how to put this mode of care into embodied practice.

We discuss how the current lack of supervision, mentorship, peer support, coaching and regulation means that many people are practising outside their scope if they identify as trauma-informed coaching people are practising outside their scope. It's really about how we move into this new wave of trauma-informed care to make it adaptable for all professions and spaces.

We finish up with Katie explaining how she prioritises resourcing herself, and how she cares for her nervous system, as well as how her beautiful card deck was created as a way to create space for ourselves, and others.

Why you should listen

If you experience any discomfort around identifying as a trauma-informed practitioner, this conversation will help you understand its scope and how to embody the practice as ethically and holistically as possible.


You can find the Contain card deck right here!

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You can quote me on that…

“I don’t think we need to remove the term trauma-informed care, we need to reclaim it. Reclaim it in a way that brings us back to shared language and understanding of what it is. And encourage people to adopt it with integrity and within their scope of practice.” Katie Kurtz

“You can’t say you’re trauma-informed, you have to be it. What I simply mean by that is, you can’t just use words and not have action behind it.” - Katie Kurtz

“It’s about how we show up with this commitment to widen our lens and be super mindful of the lived experience of both ourselves and others and apply that as much as possible to the entirety of our work.” - Katie Kurtz

“The paradox of being trauma-informed as a coach, means you know where you don’t go. You almost need to have a trauma-informed lens, so you know when you have reached the limits of that.” - Sas Petherick

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