Courage and Spice: the podcast for humans with Self-doubt

Word of the year (but make it disco)

January 19, 2022 Sas Petherick Episode 95
Courage and Spice: the podcast for humans with Self-doubt
Word of the year (but make it disco)
Show Notes

Word of the year but make it disco

Welcome to 2022

If you are tuning into this episode in real time I hope you got what you needed from the holiday break.

I actually rested - last summer i practiced rest and slowing down with mixed results. My over functioning self that spent decades finding safety in doing was not very good at not doing. Over Christmas I found it much easier, for a start I was way less burnt out to start with. There’s something in that!

I am so excited about the guests coming up in the next few months. We got into a lovely rhythm last year and we are planning more of the same. Please know that I am open to creating episodes for you! If you have a self-doubt related question please zip over to and fill in the online form - I’ll replay to your letter in podcast form - so you’ll get your very own episode. SO FUN.

Here’s to a fun filled year of Courage + Spice, I am so glad you are listening in!

So whats this episode really about?

  • I delve into my approach to starting the year - how I’m feeling clear and open hearted about what I’m here to do. 
  • I go through my previous words of the year from way back when. 
  • How intentions help to make space in our brains, make things conscious. 
  • I go through my own word of the year- ‘Disappointment’ - and why I’ve chosen it.
  • I also talk about how bringing our Intentions to life is about being really interested in where we put our Attention. 
  • I talk about the seven big risks that massively activate self-doubt.   

Why you should listen

Anyone who is going through this process of choosing there word of the year should realise it’s not about the outcome. So many of us get caught up with ‘what do I create, what’s the end goal?’ It’s not the outcome that creates the experience for us, it’s how we feel along the way and what these experiences help us to believe about ourselves and what we are capable of.


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You can quote me on that

Mary Oliver - “Attention is the beginning of devotion.”

Sas Petherick - “There is no goal or dream or achievement or resolution or intention that will make you more worthy of love.”

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