The TrulyFit Podcast

Does a Traveling Health Business Work?

November 21, 2021 TrulyFit
The TrulyFit Podcast
Does a Traveling Health Business Work?
Show Notes

Belinda Martinella is a Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc – NutDMed) and is nationally accredited in Australia. She joins the Trulyfit Podcast to discuss :
-Requirements in Australia to give nutrition and advice
-How did she come to decide on the traveling aspect? Did she first have a normal brick-and-mortar or did she jump right into this format?
-Did she continue to work with clients long-term or does the traveling model make it a one-time appointment?
-What are the benefits and Downsides of Traveling Health Business
-As someone who also works in fitness; Did she think this could be replicated from a personal training/group fitness-only perspective?
-What is something you came across that you weren't expecting when starting this business model?
-Her client's experience from start to finish; I see you're coming to my area, I book you online. Do we go through a standard questionnaire or is it based on my needs?
-What is microbiome testing?
You can check out more of her here :
IG: belindakatem
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