Locker Room Talk & Shots Podcast

What Queer Women REALLY Want in Bed

June 21, 2022 She Explores Life Season 2 Episode 37
Locker Room Talk & Shots Podcast
What Queer Women REALLY Want in Bed
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Show Notes

Locker Room Talk & Shots Podcast Hostess Annette Benedetti gathers some of her favorite queer girls to talk about what queer women really want in bed.  If you are curious about how some queer women do IT, well, a dominatrix, your hostess, a therapist, and the owner of a pole dancing studio tell all!

From oral sex to pegging to strapons...this topic wraps up some serious Pride month fun!

Want to drink with the girls? Well, this time they are sucking and licking on Cooloo Frozen Cocktail Pops! And HOLY SHIT are they ever good. So get ready to listen to a  whole lot of slurping. It will either get you off or get on your nerves.

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