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Pediatric Foot & Ankle

Dr. Mikkel Jarman

Our children's foot health is something we tend to take for granted... until they suffer a foot or ankle problem. The Pediatric Foot & Ankle podcast is a resource for parents, doctors, and anyone else interested in children's feet health or pediatric podiatry. Children's and adult foot problems are NOT the same, and should not be treated the same. Dr. Mikkel Jarman, a pediatric podiatrist in Gilbert, Arizona, started Pediatric Foot & Ankle because of this and only treats children from the ages of infant through teenager.Some of the topics discussed on Pediatric Foot & Ankle's podcast are caring for a child's feet, children's feet health, common kid's feet problems, and specific foot conditions relating to kids like Sever's disease, toe walking, pediatric flat feet, bunions, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, tarsal coalition, plantar warts (and how to treat), Polydactyly (extra toe on foot), and children's heel pain. Listen to learn more about your child's amazing feet and how to care for them.