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Startup Taiwan: Foreigners Business Guide

Paolo Joseph L. Lising

This podcast is an offshoot of the book Startup Taiwan: Foreigners Business Guide written by Paolo Joseph Layosa Lising. This channel is aimed at highlighting the plight of foreigners or global Taiwanese who are coming to Taiwan to start their own business. Startup Taiwan: Foreigners Business Guide was recently given a positive review by Taipei Times reporter Han Cheung. In an article published recently, Cheung described the book as a "thoughtful manual to entrepreneurship in Taiwan combines detailed, practical information with insightful anecdotes, offering a well-balanced guide that doesn't get too dry."As Taiwan gains attention worldwide, more foreigners are expected to consider Taiwan as a place for opening up new businesses. Startup Taiwan is a must-have if your dream is to move to Taiwan and run your own business and join the local startup ecosystem.BUY Startup Taiwan Book Here -
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