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The Swinging Palm Trees Podcast

Hosted by Akin

We all have a favourite affirmation and how it's influenced or shaped our lives, bolstered our faith and given us that much needed confidence. This is a podcast about the power of said words and mental fortitude. Hi, I'm Akin and thanks for stopping by.All the guests on the show have their own unique, personal journeys & stories and how they've overcome their trials in life with the help of a quote or two. My hope is that you can be enriched from their stories and their tips for living life and enjoying it. There will be stories about relationships, mental health & well being, education, decisions and choices, business ventures, immigration tales, film making & songwriting, banter, food, faith, sex: the list goes on. But, at it's core, we always gravitate towards the quotes and sayings that have had an impact on their lives. On a lighter note, I also have an unhealthy obsession with comics and bass guitars, so that may come up in a few of the episodes! Be well & Pax Vobiscum!

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