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Surviving Healthcare

Robert Yoho, retired cosmetic surgeon

THIS PODCAST HAS THE FIRST HALF OF MY TWO AUDIOBOOKS, each presented in chapter order.

DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice. Make your healthcare decisions with the help of a licensed provider.

These are: Butchered by “Healthcare” and Hormone Secrets. In return for getting them free, please review them on Amazon! You can find the complete audio for each on Amazon’s Audible, Itunes, or many other platforms. 


will tell you how to survive healthcare, the largest and most corrupt industry in America. Robert Yoho, who is recently retired from a lifetime of medical practice, has written this award-winning book to help you see through the lies, handle hospitals, find trustworthy doctors, and master your drugs. 

Learn how to avoid disgracefully ineffective and overused treatments such as:

✪ Angioplasty and coronary artery bypass surgery

✪ Low back and endoscopic knee surgeries 

✪ Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) 

✪ Hysterectomies and Caesarean sections 

Learn how toxic medications destroy health and how to quit them. 

✪ 70 percent of us take prescription drugs, 20% of us more than five

✪ A 6th of us take psych drugs, causing brain damage and early death

✪ Cholesterol medicines are nearly worthless but are used by one in ten

✪ Opioids: millions take them and seventy thousand died in the US of overdoses in 2020

✪ Most cancer treatments are complete failures

✪ Generic medications are often weak or ineffective

Learn how big Pharma sells drugs by faking their studies. Understand the lies they stuff into websites and medical journals. 

Learn why it all gets ignored (hint: Pharma has the largest criminal settlements in history).

Learn how to conquer healthcare costs. 

Medical spending per person in the US is double that of other countries and it is the top reason for US personal bankruptcy. I will show you how to escape the over-billing and prosper anyway.

Money short-circuits everyone’s integrity. But if you read this book and learn the system, you can find first-rate healthcare at reasonable prices. 


Use natural hormones to stay healthy, feel fantastic, and avoid overpriced, toxic drugs. 

Are you all worn out and wonder if it’s your hormones? Do you have questions about menopause or testosterone replacement? Have you heard that hormones cause cancer and heart disease? Hormone Secrets will clear up the controversies for you. 

Robert Yoho is an award-winning author who spent a career studying and prescribing hormones. He is retired, so he can tell you the truth. Hint: big Pharma and big money are involved, and you have been listening to lies. 

Are some hormones dangerous? YES, and this book explains which ones. You will go to your doctor armed with exactly what to ask for. 

Is hormone replacement expensive? NO, not if you learn the secrets from Hormone Secrets. 

THE PROMISE: Study this book and you will know more about hormones than 99 percent of doctors. 

THE GUARANTEE: I will help you find a doctor who can help. Hormones are difficult for physicians to prescribe—they are pressured to use toxic, expensive patent drugs instead. 

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