June 05, 2022 Robert Yoho, retired cosmetic surgeon
Show Notes

Eighty-seven percent of all energy use on earth is from coal, oil, or natural gas. For over 30 years, “experts” and media have been saying that these practices would soon burn us or drown us as sea levels rose. But the predicted Biblical-scale apocalypse of resource deprivation, pollution, and climate degeneration never happened. What did happen is that as billions more people obtained access to cheap, reliable energy, both the environment and the quality of human life improved.

Fear-mongering about global cooling preceded the current fad of global warming. And sea levels rose dramatically 10,000 years ago, but today’s are not changing much if at all. The most malignant and unhinged part of this story is that the modern fashion is to regard humans as cancer on the earth.

Solar and wind energy do not work for several reasons. They need expensive storage batteries because the source inputs are episodic and unreliable. The claims that they are economically viable are solely supported by calculations made during brief, ideal conditions (witness the claims about Germany). They do not take into account that the machines required have expensive components. Manufacturing them requires costly fossil fuels. The result is that generation of power with solar and wind is a net waste of energy compared to any other source. 

Third-world countries on the edge of destitution—and ultimately starvation—cannot afford to toy with these ideas. To lift themselves out of poverty, they need conventional, reliable energy sources. It is life and death for them.

Hydroelectric and nuclear energy are viable alternatives to fossil fuels but are hated with an irrational fervor by environmentalists. 

In the free world, commercial production of nuclear energy has not led to a single death to date. But demagogues equate it to the hazards of hydrogen bombs even though the reactors used are uniquely safe. The power plants cannot explode and do not release consequential radioactivity.

The world population has doubled in my lifetime, yet we are far better fed than ever because of advances in food production due to genetically modified crops and the plentiful fossil fuel energy used to farm them.

CO2 has a greening or fertilizing effect on all plant life on earth. It makes the earth more livable. Denial of this established fact allows the claims that “when you use fossil fuels, you have to take into account all the environmental costs.” This is wrong—there are net environmental advantages

Epstein says, “Every climate model based on CO2 as a major climate driver has been a failure.”

The biggest problem in the world today is that billions of people are starving and dying because they lack enough energy to feed themselves.

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